Japanese Kampo Herbal Clinic

I am practising only Japanese Herbs until further notice.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I have been working as a Practitioner for the last 20 years in the UK.

The objectives of those methods are to balance the human body and to adjust the functions of the body to allow maximum performance.

  • Resistance to disease is increased.
  • Sleep is improved.
  • Appetite is restored

Usually, your symptoms are relieved and you feel a greater sense of wellbeing. How long this takes is often related to how long you have had the problems. I focus not only on the treatment of conditions but also the root of the disease for prevention.

Health is more than just the absence of disease and Japanese Traditional Medicine has the unique capability of harmonising and enhancing our capacity for enjoyment, fulfilment, well-being and happiness.

My Interest areas:

Fertility, IVF support, Menopausal syndrome, Eczema,pain management

I do treatments at Solihull, Westmidlands.

Solihull Clinic

To enquire or book a treatment please contact me at

Tel: 07931 778199 | Email: nari358@gmail.com