What is it like about my first acupuncture session?

I will ask you about your current condition, its related symptoms and your past medical history. You will also be asked about any other treatment you are receiving, your diet, digestion, sleep and current life situation.

I look at your tongue as this can vary in colour and is helpful for diagnosing necessary acupuncture points. Then your pulse will be taken as well as “Fukushin腹診—pressing and touching stomach area which is unique in Japanese Traditional Medicine” as they vary depending on an individual’s energy system and are essential to diagnosis.

You will receive treatment on your first session. I sometimes use a process called Moxibustion and Light Therapy as well as acupuncture. Moxibustion involves burning a herb to release blocked and nourish Qi and Light Therapy put the full-spectrum light on your skin to increase the flow of Qi and blood as well as enhance the effect of acupuncture.